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A Community of Caring

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Holistic Medicine
Jim W. Turnage, MD, PsyD

When I began this practice, I had a vision of a community of individuals seeking health, care, and compassion- for each other. A community that would have much of the feeling of a small town though we all live in scattered parts of this county and even beyond.

I experience this often when I see and hear patients sharing and showing care for each other in the waiting room of our office.  I feel this particularly when we are experiencing times of stress in our lives.  I want you to know that this cooperative way of working together for the betterment of all our lives is noticed and appreciated.  The staff and I appreciate each and every one of you.


It is our calling to care for you and we are grateful for the opportunity to be of service in your lives- in the life of our community.

Caring- for others and ourselves

Compassion- walking each mile and every moment in the other person's shoes

Community- geographically dispersed but as close as our own heart

Competence- confidently thinking, feeling, and acting in truth

Coherence- mind, body, and spirit working in perfect harmony

Community of Caring: The Five “C’s”