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Jim W. Turnage, MD, PsyD

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Our office is designed from the ground up and inside out to give you a break from the rush and pressure of your daily life. Relax and be present.

Relax and be present

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We humans, you and I, were created to be well.  I believe that any person’s health is best understood from the viewpoint of the bio-psychosocial-spiritual model. We look forward to working with those of you who find yourself in need of help from a traditionally trained physician who has the deepest respect for other approaches to healing and for your own power to return to good health and a robust sense of well-being.


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This practice is dedicated to you and your family.  We are designed to serve you with compassion, caring, and competence.


Conveniently located on Ruffin Road at Aero Drive, near the I-15 freeway, we are minutes away from Sharp Memorial Hospital, Mary Birch Hospital for Women, and Rady Childrens Hospital.


And parking is easy, handicapped accessible and FREE!

…thank you for being our support and guidance, thank  you for assisting the birth of a new life every day.  Thanks for being an exceptional doctor….

(From a poem by Mario Puente)



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