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Jim W. Turnage, MD, PsyD My Health Philosophy

We humans, you and I, were created to be well.  It is my belief that any person’s health is best understood from the  viewpoint of the bio-psychosocial-spiritual model. This means that our bodies, minds, community, and Spirit usually work together in a wondrous, healthy harmony without much thought or care on our part.   


We can have faith that when things go wrong in our lives these beautifully  interwoven natural systems will almost invariably correct the problem.   And we can learn to  encourage these  healing systems to function properly with gentle preventive measures.   We can be kind and patient with ourselves as we redirect our lives to a healthier path.


But when things don’t seem to be  working out so well, however, it may be time to seek out someone who can work with you and help you return things to the  natural balance and order.   Over the years I have come to value many ways of helping those who are experiencing illness find this natural balance again.


I look forward to working with those of you who find yourself in need of help from a traditionally trained physician who has the deepest respect for other approaches to healing and for your own power to return to good health and a robust sense of well-being.